Work on Version 0.3 Getting Closer to Completion

تم اضافته من قبل سرمد خالد عبداللّه منذ 11 أشهر

Alusus development team is getting closer to finishing the work on version 0.3. Despite not many user facing changes relative to the size of work, this release is actually big. It includes a re-write of the standard generation library as well as a rewrite of parts of the Core. The standard generation library is getting a totally new design that aims to simplify the code and pave the road for faster development and adding more advanced features. The new code base will be simpler to understand and will also result in a more solid release with less bugs.

In addition to the new design, the new release will also contain new language features aiming to bring the language closer to feature parity with C, which should enable writing fully functional applications similar to what C enables. The full list of modifications and new features will be announced later in a separate article.

Version 0.3 is expected to be released in summer. The exact release date will be announced later.