Version 0.2.1 Released; 0.3 Postponed

تم اضافته من قبل سرمد خالد عبداللّه منذ سنوات 3حوالي

ِAlusus development team decided to postpone the 0.3 release and instead made a minor release, versioned 0.2.1, which is now released and available for download in both source and binary format. The team decided to change priorities and work on a much needed code refactoring to streamline the Core's data framework while making it more generic. This refactoring which is now included in 0.2.1 will enable the Standard Code Generation library to use the Core's data framework to store compiled code and it will allow the SCG to use that framework to support namespaces and other object-oriented programming features. The refactoring of the SCG itself will happen in version 0.3. In addition to the refactoring work, version 0.2.1 includes some of the changes that were originally planned to be included in version 0.3. The following is the list of changes included in 0.2.1:

  • Support for casting between different pointer types.
  • Support for casting from pointer to integer.
  • Added ~size operator for obtaining the size of a variable or an expression in memory.
  • Added char data type.
  • Various cleanup and minor bug fixes.